The QX80 was likewise ranked last in the United States. News

The 2023 QX80 is not a great choice for an SUV because of its dated design and other features. The last major redesign of the QX80 

occurred more than 10 years ago. Its 6.7 rating and seventh-place finish in The U.S. News' rankings came as no surprise. 

On the other hand, the QX80 has proactive safety features that put minds at ease. In addition, among luxury large SUVs, this Infiniti is among the finest towing capability.

Although it features a strong V8 engine, this model's fuel economy is terrible, even for an SUV. 

and curved widescreen display are both standard in all BMW 3 models. It's integrated into the dashboard gauges and the entertainment screen. It updates the cabin and raises its worth.