Price-wise, the 2023 BMW 3 Series refresh is a steal.

When compared to the previous generation's BMW 3 Series, the new one is a huge improvement in terms of aesthetics. The slimmer LED headlights

look great with the sleeker grille. The base 330i already looks rather luxurious, but the M Sport option takes its good

looks to a whole new level. The 18-inch, double-spoke alloy wheels look aftermarket without being ostentatious. In conclusion, the new BMW 3

Series is an attractive and agile vehicle. There's more cutting-edge hardware in a base model 2023 BMW 3 Series than you may think. The digital instrument cluster 

and curved widescreen display are both standard in all BMW 3 models. It's integrated into the dashboard gauges and the entertainment screen. It updates the cabin and raises its worth.