Is the Toyota Sequoia 2023 a good choice?

The 2023 Toyota Sequoia is praised for its improved fuel economy, sleek new styling, and peaceful cabin.

 It combines a 3.4-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine with an electric motor to generate 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of torque.

 The Sequoia gets 24 mpg on the interstate and 21 mpg in the city when driven in a fuel-efficient manner. Its previous combined efficiency of 15 mpg is a far cry from the new figure.

The 2019 Sequoia may be the most powerful and efficient full-size SUV on the market, but that doesn't always make it the most affordable option. 

and curved widescreen display are both standard in all BMW 3 models. It's integrated into the dashboard gauges and the entertainment screen. It updates the cabin and raises its worth.